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What Classes Do We Offer?

Group Fitness Classes are Included in Our Membership pricing: free for members and $5 drop-in for non-members-members

Our experienced instructors are certified in a variety of class structures. They are passionate and knowledgeable, always striving to motivate each and every class. Group fitness classes are an excellent way to have fun, meet new people, and workout! Click on the links below to read the class descriptions for more information.
If you are looking for 1v1 personal training, please click here for more information. 


Silver Sneakers

  • Classic

  • Cardio

  • Yoga

Cycle & Spin Classes:ses"

Fitness Class
Adult Ballet Class
Drum Sticks
Spinning Class

Meet Our Instructors


Dawn has been an instructor at Alpha Fitness Club since 2015. She teaches our Silver Sneaker Classes (Classic, Cardio, and Yoga) as well as our Drums Alive class. Dawn is a full time instructor! She is a Certified Group Exercise Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer through National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA). With close to 28 years experience, which means she has a LONG list of accomplished workshops and education. Dawn loves what she does and enjoys helping others achieve their fitness goals. 


Kelly has been an instructor at Alpha Fitness Club for 8+ years. She teaches our early 5:30am Circuit Challenge classes. She also teaches Full Body Bootcamp, Oh Sh**t HIIT, and Spin. She is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor through National Association for Fitness Certification (NAFC Fitness). Kelly is a wife, mother to 3 children and teacher a Southmoreland Middle School. She loves teaching fitness classes on the side and has been involved in fitness for 25 years. Helping people become stronger and healthier is very rewarding to her. Her energy will make you think your working out with your best friend.


Toni is one of the newest instructors to the Alpha family. She teaches Kickboxing for us on Saturday mornings. You can truly tell she loves teaching, her energy is out of this world! She will kick start your weekend by getting you moving and sweating.


Holly is the newest addition to the Alpha family. She has been a long time attendee of our Zumba classes before becoming an instructor. In 2023 she started to sub for Christy's Zumba classes and ended up with a class of her own! Holly now specializes in teaching Zumba, which is group fitness workout that blends a variety of dance styles and Latin music. 


Jacque has been a Certified Group Fitness Instructor since 2016. She's also certified in Indoor Cycling, Core X System, and AMPD Power Flow. And in 2022 completed her Silver Sneaker certification and subs for Dawn when needed. Jacque teaches Pedal & Pump. Her passion has always been fitness and nutrition. Now that Jacque is retired she can focus on having fun and doing what she loves. 


Kim has been a part of Alpha for several years. She instructs three of our classes: 20-20-20, Pedal & Pump, and Cardio Sculpt. Kim is a wife to her best friend and biggest supporter and has 2 adult kids. When Kim isn't at the gym she's a boss lady behind the camera and the owner of Fotofixation Photography. She is an award winning and published photographer, specializing in Senior and Teen Photography.  


Christy started at Alpha Fitness Club as a member in 2010. She then started her fitness journey as an instructor in 2015. Christy is a Certified Zumba Instructor through Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). She teaches two of our classes: 30/30 (30 mins of Zumba and 30 mins weights workout) and Zumba (full 60 mins dance party). You don't have to be a "dancer" to join Christy's tribe. If you like dancing at weddings, the club, or in your kitchen Zumba is for you. You'll dance along to Latin, Pop, and Hip Hop music. 

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