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How much is the seminar? What does it include?
Cost of the seminar is only $90.00 per person - pay with CASH or CHECK 
This cost is for (3) - 2 hour training sessions 
What dates will the seminar take place?
(3) - 2 hour sessions from 9am to 11am
Session # 1 - Saturday June, 1 2024
Session # 2 - Saturday June, 15 2024
Session # 3 - Saturday June, 29 2024

All classes will be held at Alpha Fitness Club in Elizabeth. 
95 Enterprise Street, Suite 115 Elizabeth 15037
When is registration and payment due in order to attend?
The deadline to submit completed registration form, waiver, and payment is: Monday May 27th (Alpha Fitness Club is open 5/27 9am-1pm)
Who can participate?
All female teens and adults are welcome! (13+) Pregnant women are also encouraged to join - taking the necessary precautions. 
How do I register to participate in this seminar?
You can request the registration form and waiver be emailed to you ahead of time. Or you can pick up/complete the forms at Alpha Fitness Club. Payment is due when submitting your completed forms. All registration forms and payment must be turned into Alpha Fitness Club (95 Enterprise Street, Suite 115, Elizabeth PA 15037) 
*You are not registered for the self-defense seminar until we receive your completed forms AND payment in full
What if I can't attend all class sessions?
Pricing is a flat payment for all three sessions, regardless of attendance. We strongly encourage attendees to make all sessions, we do not offer discounted pricing if you are unable to attend all sessions. Payment must be made in full when registering - no refunds. 
Why are there 3 sessions?
We want all attendees walking away from this seminar feeling as comfortable and confident as possible. It is important to practice and have refreshers to build 'muscle memory'. In each session, the instructors will build on technique and scenarios - leaving the attendees well rounded in self-defense in scary real-life situations. 
Who are the instructors?
Grandmaster Trent A. Chontas (owner of Chontas Tang Soo Do) and Grandmaster Jack Pistella. Both instructors are 7th degree black belts with more than 90 years combined training and instructing experience. 
You can read more about them: 
Does my Alpha Fitness Club membership cover this seminar?
No. This is a ticketed event with a separate cost. Members and non-members of Alpha Fitness Club pay the $90.00 seminar cost. 
Is this seminar similar to other classes Alpha offers? (Cardio Kickboxing, etc)
No. This is not a fitness class - this seminar that teaches important, and potentially life-saving, self defense.
What should I expect to learn in these classes?
You will be taught self-defense and strategy defense techniques (in both standing and ground defense positions). The classes will review situational awareness and preparation. You will gain the ability on how to respond, react and defend yourself in scary situations.
How should I dress for class? What should I bring with me?
Dress comfortable and wear good closed-toe shoes. Do NOT wear any form of jewelry to class (earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets). We want to ensure the safety of our instructors and all attendees - plus we don't want valuable jewelry to be damaged. You should bring water and a towel with you to class. 
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